‘Recipes for Disaster’ are  simple recipes, developed by Domestic Science Club, for creating a sublime landscape : erupting volcanoes, superb tsunamis, dizzying earthquakes,… blended, mixed, cooked or fried. How does this attempt relates to working with house garden and kitchen experiments wherein failure is a defining element and errors are being exposed on a fundamental basis? In 2014 Domestic Science Club’s focus shifted to eating, digestion and indigestion ;What is the taste of the indigestible? Does your stomach endures the Big Bang?  Fermentation, bacteria, slow processes and invisible friends and foes came in the spotlight. This opened a crucial question: How should we relate to a non-classifiable world, a world which is chaotic, unhygienic and messy?

Recently Domestic Science Club engaged in collecting the recipes in a lifestyle magazine. www.recipesfordisaster.be

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(click on the images for demonstrations) :