A storm is an atmospheric disturbance manifested in strong winds accompanied by rain or other precipitation and often by thunder and lightning. It is a sublime spectacle, which fills us with terror.

How to make a Perfect Storm in your kitchen, a Storm that threatens your life in your own kitchen, that  slaughters you to pieces. In the end you will be crying for the help of your neighbours or for the help of God. Experience the beauty of the ultimate danger.

The mutter of the winds drew near apace. In the forefront could be distinguished a drowsy waking plaint passing on, and far off the growth of a multiple clamour, marching and expanding. There was the throb as of many drums in it, a vicious rushing note, and like the chant of a tramping multitude.

J.Conrad- Typhoon (1899-1902)

A storm normally begins with a nice and gently breeze. The most easy Wind to create in a kitchen-context is a landbreeze, a Wind that will blow you from the land into the sea, from your fridge into the kitchen sink. Enjoy the ride !

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